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Android has become the most popular mobile platform these days. Most of the smartphone and tablet users these days prefer Android mainly because of the huge number of applications it offers. Android also allows the freedom to develop customized apps to suit the needs of the user. Many app development companies these days offer customized Android app development.

There are many tools that are essential for every Android app developer to get the best app experience on the platform. Below is the list if some good Android app development tools.


  • Android Studio: it is an all-round IDE (Integrated Development Environment) developed by Google to offer the best app development experience on Android platform. It offers easy coding of applications and also allows real time testing environment for the developers or users.


  • AVD Manager: it allows the developer to test their Android app on virtual devices. It allows the customisation of all the devices.


  • Android Device Monitor: it allows the developer to monitor the device while it is plugged to the monitor, computer or any virtual device. This allows the management of the running applications as well.


  • Corona SDK: it allows a different way to develop the apps as it uses Lua as the programming language. Lua is a fast scripting language and is much simpler than C++ or Java. It is quite similar to GameMaker language.


  • GameMaker Studio: it is one of the easiest development engines and offers customization on everything. It is an excellent development engine for 2D games. It follows GameMaker language which is much simpler than C++ or Java. It uses a much simpler and shorter syntax than Java or other programming languages.


  • Genymotion: it provides a fast hardware accelerated Android emulator. Genymotion virtual devices support various Android API levels and works very well with Android Studio. It makes the development process very easy and fast.


  • Fluid UI: it is a web-based mobile storyboarding and prototyping tool that allows rapid assemble of native-looking mock ups.


  • Ubertesters: it has an in-app feedback widget which allows to annotate screen shots, write bug reports and run tests from inside the running mobile app.


These Android tools help in making app development process smoother and more interesting. By using tools like the above mentioned, Android app development companies like Techno Softwares offer a world-class app experience which can also be customized to suit the needs of the user. Hiring an app development company like Techno Softwares will give you an edge over the other non-professionally developed Android Apps.

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On September 19, 2016
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