Cross-platform Mobile App Development

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With the advent of smartphones came in the apps which changed the way of people’s lives. Nowadays, all popular mobile platforms offer a wide range of mobile applications that serve various purposes. Some apps are designed specifically for one platform which are not genuinely available on the other smartphone platforms. Here arises the need of a customized application which would suit all the mobile platforms and be available on them. This type of mobile application development is called cross-platform app development.

Many mobile application development companies like Techno Softwares provide cross-platform app development. The apps are developed in manner to suit almost all the mobile platforms.


Why Cross-Platform App Development?

  • It enhances the audience base and increases the reach of the application to a wider set of audience.
  • One application can be deployed on multiple platforms which reduces the cost and effort associated with designing and application.
  • It ensures uniformity in looks and functions which in turn makes the app more recognizable.
  • There is usage of trusted technologies.
  • The app development process is quicker as one app can be made to suit all platforms.
  • It is more cost effective and easy to use.
  • Makes social applications available to the user anytime, anywhere which is essential for the app of such nature.
  • These apps are easily upgradable to suit the ever-changing mobile platform needs.


Why Choose Techno Softwares?

  • Highly experienced and well trained team would develop the mobile applications.
  • We develop applications for all prominent mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry.
  • The usage of latest app development tools like PhoneGap, Xamarin, Titanium app development, C#, IBM Worklite, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Sencha etc. would make the app experience best in class.
  • Within budget and within time delivery of results would ensure the best app development experience for your firm.
  • Interactive UI and easy to access design would ensure better and wider reach.
  • Customized app development would make it easier for you to get an app developed specifically to suit your needs.
  • We allow real-time testing for all the apps to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Our cross platform mobile apps are easy to share, deploy, reuse and debug.
  • Our developers are able to work on multiple programming languages like C#, C++, Java and more.
  • We ensure complete safety of your data with a no leakage guarantee.
  • We encourage the reviewing and participation from our client in order to suffice to the needs of the business.
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On September 8, 2016
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