Manual Testing

Test your softwares using manual testing using the human interventions

Error Free Optimizations

Techno Softwares delivers the expert optimized results when you choose us for the software manual testing. We serves the error free results to help our clients for getting right information about their softwares.

Explicit testing of softwares

Our manual testing method gives the overview of each of the software function to the clients. Our focus attentions is to deliver the customer 100% satisfactory and verified results of their projects.

Manual Testing Experts

We have manual testing experts team works on the latest testing appearances to ensures that they can deliver the timely results and give the all software insights reports without any hassle.

Use Various Methodologies

We use various development methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, DevOp and Hybrid model & work together with collaborative methods for delivering the user best and required results.

Manual Testing ways

We care about your market-value & serves the best manual testing services ever

Techno Softwares run the manual testing programs to test the client’s software during the process of development, on each & every stage of software development to identify the bugs and errors for instant resolutions. Our manual team of testing experts have years of experience and know how to test the softwares on multiple browsers to test their compatibility with them. We use the different manual testing ways such as black box testing, white box testing, unit testing, system testing and more ways. Our experts read the code of the software manually and check each execution to find out the execution bugs on the time of testing to make sures on the launch time customer can confidently beat the competitors without any delay after launch date.

Expert test for perfections & on the browsers you need

With Tehno Software you will get the results which you are expected from any professionist of testing. Our manual experts use their experience and knowledge to test customer’s software & give them the results which makes them perfectionist in the market.

Choose testing experts for better scenarios & results

Techno Softwares will never disappoint you whether you want to manual testing of a single function of your software or you want to test all the functions and features working before the time of real-time launching. We use the real-time devices to test your software functions to make sures that we deliver the reports of the true insights of the software.

We check Application under test (AUT) to ensure the testing completion

Our experts follow all the manual testing steps without any reckless execution and verify the testing steps again to optimize the software to check all the codes and test the execution of software program on real-time frames. All the frameworks and codes tested & read by the experts for better results and screenshot reports of the manual testing programs.

Performs test for checking software protections during the testing process

We perform the testing tasks to test the security test of the softwares to ensures that the software security doesn’t in risk. We use the risk checking methodology on the software codes to check that is their any chances which hackers can use to harm the websites or other viruses which harm the internal files of the software.

Monthly, weekly and daily reports to give client’s desired support

We talk with our customers to ensures that their needs and requirements fulfilled by us & we make a bridge of communication with them to get and give all the reports and insights of their softwares without any gaps. We providers the monthly, weekly, and daily reports to our customers and make them sure about eh bugs resolutions.

Benefits of Manual Testing

Manual testing provides the error free reports and identify all the bugs in the software to perfect results and executions of the software functions.

Formalized Documentation Process

We provide our reports in the formalized manner and documents to ensures that client can understand it without any confusion.

Instant Defect Identification

Our experts identify the defects and bugs instantly & give the customer report on each functions real-time performance and execution.

Professional experts

We work on the professional fundamentals of the manual testing to make sure that not a single error remains or left by us while processing testing.


Testers can build test suites of tests that covers every feature in software software application.