Automation Testing

Automation Testing shifts your visions into perfection with Advancement of testing process.


Prominent automation tools

Test your software on superior testing tools for executing the real-time testing and 100% accurate testing results. We serves the solutions of high quality testing of the softwares for perfection in results.


Liberal Debugging Tools

We provide the foremost debugging tools to our customer for providing the test and debugging of the software on the local server of their systems. You can use the debugging tool to debug other programs too.


Test behind the firewall

Test your local or staged apps on your system behind the firewall. You can overcome with the limitations of the testing limits using our advanced and leading testing tools & options for accurate testing reports.


Remote Access Testing

Let’s dive into the Pool of Techno Softwares automation tools for Cross Browser testing.

Techno software testing services means- No bars in the testing, no limitation of checking functionality and no errors in reports. Test your software accuracy consistently and errors to make it perfect for launch and to boom into the market with your perfection in the features and functionality of the software. No worries if you have 1500+ browsers with you, you can test cross browser working & accuracy on each of the browser and get the satisfactory reports, if you choose Techno Softwares automation testing services. You will get the end-to-end automation & comprehensive testing solutions for your software accurate testing reports.


Hit the cross browser testing platforms with Techno Softwares

To serve the better digital experience and show your virtue to the technical world. We also assist the client’s to guide them about the process of cross browsers testings and to give them cost-effective automation testing services.

Automation Approaches reduce the efforts & Save time

We deliver the tools for manual testing team for fast test executions and to arrange the multiple testing software tasks within seconds to reduce the manual approaches. Get high quality test results and fast processing accession for the software to give the reports of the softwares about 1500+ cross browsers and their required updates to make it perfect for all sized platforms.

Get consistent results of the automation testing for better fruition

Get outstanding scenarios of testing the software on multiple cross browsers to test the requirements of future updates for making the software compatible for all the platforms people are using for accessing softwares. You will consistently test the multiple software in a line to save your time and the cost-effective testing tools give the quality experience to our customers.

Accelerate your testing efforts & get the faster results

The Techno softwares debugging tool is our computer program which helps you to test your softwares and to debug other program which you wish to test for upgradation. The cross browsers platforms testing becomes very easy using our outstanding testing services. We serves the quality services to our clients.

The tool for every manual testing team.

Get the broadcast range of sources to test your software in real-time functionalities to get the satisfactory reports. Replicas provides you the options to test the software on different ways and to get the functions testing for all platforms. Our automation support replications test your softwares for all the platforms and our integrated tools or add-ons provides the client’s more flexibility in testing.

Benefits of connecting with Techno Softwares

Our advanced Debug tools and integrated add-ons makes us leading automation testing services providers in the marketplace. Our features such as logs, text logs, video recording and screenshots for every test your execute give you the insights report about your software.


Quick Execution

You can execute multiple function testing within few seconds and get results of the testing instantly without any extra human efforts.


Multiple verifications

You can test the same function again & again for different platforms to verify the functions for cross browsers testing.


End-to-End Solutions

Using our advanced testing tools gives the users the end-to-end solutions to ensures that users access the tools without any hassle.



The business software applications every feature can be tested using our testing tools for optimizing the softwares all functions.