Company Overview

We lay the foundation of success with bricks of technology and cement them with efforts.

Your success stories are the forces which drive Techno Softwares.

At Techno Softwares, we focus on you and power you with our skills so that you get a perfect blend of efficiency and quality for all your needs.

Our holy grail is to deliver highly structured, well planned and streamlined products to our clients that will you the extra edge you need for all your business demands in this tech-savvy world. We have been working tirelessly from the past 14 years in the field of software technology. We promise our clients growth and top notch work output that binds our customers in a never-ending relationship with us.

We have an experienced, innovative and dynamic team of experts with the prime focus to provide software development outsourcing and offshore software services for individuals, small- and medium-sized businesses and corporate clients. As a prominent software outsourcing company, we have all that it takes to keep us ahead of the competition and ensure the satisfaction level of our clients reaches a new high. As an offshore software development company in India, Techno Softwares presents you with solutions that will fit your budget, deadline, testing and deployment requirements.

Our end-to-end cost-effective web and mobile solutions have steered the online visibility of a number of commercial verticals (both B2B and B2C). Our strong team of qualified and skilled IT professionals is driven by an indomitable urge to push the technical horizons to offer seamless consulting services across diverse mediums including web, mobile, and other handheld devices. We offer various services across technology optimization consulting, application services, systems integration, product engineering, custom software development, application maintenance, and application re-engineering, non-functional testing and architecture optimization services.

We help corporate, Non-profits, SME & Start-ups to build customized ERPS, CRMS, Web and Mobile Applications, E-commerce solutions, Quality Assurance solution etc. Techno Softwares is formed to complement customers’ capabilities and accelerate time to market the field-validated standard software components and custom development services. We enable our clients to respond to dynamic market conditions and build their business competitiveness by offering top quality technology services/solutions in the areas of:

  • Web and graphic design
  • Mobile game design
  • CMS Integration
  • E-commerce
  • Testing services
  • Internet marketing services
  • Software development
  • Website development
  • Mobile app development
  • Enterprise product development

Working with Techno Softwares gives you all that you will ever need to steer your business in the right direction. We take the responsibility and let you focus on the bigger picture.

Our Vision

we work to emerge and constantly grow as a major IT service provider in this competitive marketplace. We believe in delivering the maximum to our clients by thinking out of the box. At Techno Softwares, we work as a team to deliver structured, productive and logical solutions for every customized need of yours.
We efficiently collaborate with our customers to create new products and services, streamline operations and regulate them across all groups and boundaries. We visualize our organization to be the first and the last stop for the businesses across the globe seeking out for long-term success, growth, and prosperity with the help of our team. Our services like will boost your work up to the level of admiration and success you have always dreamt of.

Our Mission

We always push a bit harder to keep our clients always ahead in the marketplace. Our specialty lies in helping organizations to use their products and business effectively and in the way that supports their overall goals and priorities. Our goal is to maintain stability and growth of the organization along with providing cost-effective and transparent approach every time you reach out to us.

Our pledge to client

Pledges for more effective customer service communication can have the greatest impact on the life of the customers hence; we always take great pride in serving our customers by breaking the chains of poor bad customer service and always improving customer service communication. Here are few pledges we take before committing ourselves to serve our customers:

  • Pledge to keep your trust as our priority: your trust in us and our services is our prime concern when you put your work in our hands.
  • Pledge to be consistent: we will always deliver your work on time and work as per your schedule.
  • Pledge of professionalism: at our centre of excellence our clients are always treated with utmost courtesy and professionalism at all times.
  • Pledge to support: we will always strive to become better and support you by collaborating for developing creative business solutions.

Why Choose Us

Choosing a team who will give you immense benefits is a critical step for your business. By choosing Techno Softwares you will land amongst trustworthy hands with whom you can always be confident of working with. Our developers have all the creative minds, skills and efficiency that your work needs. We provide you with numerous benefits so that you can always be sure and at ease that your work is in a responsible place:

  • We promise quality:

    Being the most trusted software company we deliver our services with guarantee of quality which ties our customers in a never-ending bond with us.

  • Cost-effective solutions

    We deliver top notch products without burning a hole in our customers pockets by giving out cost effective and quality efficient services always.

  • No deadlines crossed

    Our team works round the clock to always meet your deadlines and get the products to you whenever and wherever you need them.

  • Impressive Track records

    Working in the field of software for over 10 years we have created a proven track record of providing best in class services so that you will never have to worry about the quality and efficacy of work.

  • Professionalism and honesty towards clients

    Techno Softwares believes in professionalism and honesty with its clients that makes us the most reliable brand.

  • Secure and resourceful

    We always strive to Deliver Agile, secure, Service-oriented & unified experiences to our customers.

  • quality comes first

    We always rank quality prior to price hence; we deliver to you the best quality products without high pricing.

  • Building a trustworthy relationship

    Techno Softwares works enthusiastically to build software and even more zealously to build trust in their clients.

  • 100% Customer satisfaction

    We keep customer satisfaction on the top of the list as we know that your complete satisfaction is what makes us the best.