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Debug your Apps instantly using device logs, text logs, video recordings and screenshots for every test you run.

Financial Management

Access native Device logs for

Supply Chain Management

Access native Device logs for every session.

HR Management

Access native Device logs

Project Management

Access native Device logs for every session.

Asset Management

Access native Device logs for


Access native Device logs for every session.


Access native Device logs

Service Center

Access native Device logs for every session.

The need of anticipating and capitalising
on economic trends in ever — expanding
in the present scenario. Enterprise

Techno Softwares Australia provides custom development of ERP system which can handle all types of Purchase, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Inventory, HR Payroll Management, Quality Control, Production Planning, Administration and Maintenance. It may be personalized in order to any kind of all of the peculiarities of the company; this means our ERP adapts your business strategy and not you. We have in house business intelligence team which knows in/out of any ERP system running in Small and Medium level organization to large level enterprises.

These days, the trend getting upward associated with web-based ERP solution. The main benefit of these types of web-based ERP’s is they navigate several platforms and taken care in one centralized location. We provide custom developed web based ERP system to meet your needs.


As the ERP Methodology has become more popular in industries, software applications have emerged to help business managers implement ERP into other business activities and may also incorporate modules for CRM and Business Intelligence and present them as a single unified package.

  • Facilitates informed decision making
  • Cost saving solutions through organized business processes
  • Integrates business processes facilitating better control
  • ERP improves the workflow and information flow in the organization
  • Introduces transparency in activities
  • Improves speed and efficiency in functions leading to improved customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Facilitates co-ordination of activities between different departments
  • Provides quality communication channels leverage
  • IT Infrastructure and information assets
  • Gives a competitive edge

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