Enterprise Resource Planning

Productive Core Integrated Enterprise Solutions for better business opportunities

Use Techno Softwares core enterprise resource planning solutions to focus on what exactly needed and matters to manage your business in a more productive manner. Use our predictive analytics for real-time decision making now.


Financial Management

Our financial enterprise resource management modules help you to manage all your financial data and generates a report such as trail balance data, overall balance sheet.


Supply Chain Management

Our Supply chain management includes planning, execution, monitoring and control of all your supply activities. Our ERP services take care of all your physical supplying activities.


HR Management

A well-managed ERP HR module reduces the task proceeding time and help to manage all HR operation using the custom options in the ERP system which works on advanced technologies.


Project Management

You can manage all sizes of business projects on ERP and can implement all your business tasks in a more manageable manner to be successful in managing multiple projects.


Asset Management

The businesses can manage the maintenance of all their physical assets. Enterprise resource management is used to plan, organized, execution and track all the maintenance activities going on during the time.



Our integrated Enterprise resource planning solutions go up to the mark while it comes to managing all the big projects & data records. We provide productive functions in our ERP panels.


Control Panel

We serve all our reports and real-time monitoring access to our customers. They have offered a control panel to optimize their business tasks and scheduling.


Quick Support

We offer the quick our customers to resolve their all doubts during the setup Enterprise resource services for their businesses and all we stay with our customers for post support.

The need of integrated Enterprise resource planning solutions to follow your business visions suites the present scenario

Techno Softwares serves the custom integrated Enterprise resource planning solutions to help business manage their business physical activities and data using the ERP. We add the options for customization so the users can add the management as per their business aspects and requirements of tasks. We deliver our ERP services modules and systems for all type of businesses such as Finance, HR activities management, Supply chain management, quality control, production planning and more business types where businesses need software for managing their plans. You can personalize the tasks performed using the custom options and can make your business compatible to manage all kind of peculiarities of the company.
We have an in-house support team to enterprise resouce management for all our client’s queries and to help the customer for understanding ERP’s for better business solutions. As the time upgrading and technology becomes the part of every field then web-based ERPs now becomes the prime tool which manages businesses with more planned executions. The primary advantage of using web-based ERP services that it’s used for multiple platforms together and managed from a centralized control panel without any confusion of managing multiple tasks.


Benefits Of using ERP solutions

As the ERP Methodology leading in the trend of business management, this software applications integrated all business core task and centralize all business activities on a single panel help the businesses to grab more opportunities and new business agendas for work. Our enterprise resource service modules such as CRM, Project management, SCM and more business modules boom your business in the market. Here we go with the list of benefits:

  • Help businesses to make big decisions in more organized manner
  • A cost-effective solution of managing business goals execution
  • With a better control integrate all business task on a single panel
  • Imove your workflow and information flow using ERPs methodology
  • Work with transparency in your business activities
  • Improve your performance speed and gives you the customer satisfaction with better services.
  • Provide access of the panels to connect all the departments for better connectivity.
  • Gives you the lead in the competitive market.
  • Provide the quality communication channels.

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