Use Techno Softwares Google Cloud Platforms for securing business

Google cloud solutions will change the way you perform business tasks in a more secure manner. The Techno Softwares custom Google cloud platform is the topmost contender of cloud-based services offers the most advanced features to create the custom cloud infrastructures and helps the business to use them for their business fast growth and easy management.

Google cloud platform is the most powerful, innovative and future-proof business infrastructure which shift your business activities and management on the next level of success. We help the businesses to build a unique way of business and blend the cloud and business strategies to implement the new innovative technique of business representation and organize company activities.


Secure & Reliable

Techno Softwares GCP solutions provide the end-to-end security and also the GCP solutions provide the most trustworthy platform on the cloud to keep the business sensitive information secure on the cloud. Also, the information of the businesses shielded with the secure gateways and restricted using the end-to-end solutions.


Machine Learning Capabilities

The Techno Softwares solutions of cloud have the advanced machine learning which provides the solutions of translation, photo library, voice search and many more options are there in the bucket of GCP. We also ready to take challenges of custom demands of the businesses and make the develop the machine learning advanced functions to help them.


Powerful Dashboard

We serve the amazing insights data and dashboard for analyzing the business activities and results to implement the new ideas for better business solutions. You can collect billions of transaction data on the google cloud and analyze them to create data-driven solutions to achieve the business objective faster.


Cost Optimized GCP Solutions

Techno Softwares cost-effective GCP solutions provides the most optimized, scalable and reliable platform to the businesses to work on the cloud. Our solutions are cost optimized, so that even small businesses and start-ups also shift their business on cloud without worrying about their investment budgets.

Modernize your business cloud Infrastructure with Techno Softwares

We are developing the GCP solutions custom business infrastructures to blend the cloud solutions with the business innovative idea to improve the cloud experience. We have an expert team for cloud-based services to give our customers what exactly, they wish to develop in their new age business process.

We support the businesses to manage their tasks, customer data and real-time visitors actions to give them a better idea for implementation for succeeding more. A single control panel manages the multiple tasks and our experts will help the users to use this panel to resolve their doubts and queries whenever they stuck or also they support the users to help them generate ROI.

Cloud Pub/Sub

The Techno Softwares help you to utilize the Google cloud Pub/Sub to scale the infrastructure as your business grows. We develop and deploy the google cloud solutions as to create the setup to get the robust and global services. You can able to connect with the services many-to-many asynchronous messaging which is hosted on the GCP solutions.

Cloud Endpoints

We help the businesses to build the platforms which can accessible for iOS, Android and javascript clients. The automatic generation of the client libraries will help the users to do the changes using the frontend panel makes the management easier. For that the build-in features in GCP are denial-of-service protection, OAuth 2.0 support.

Cloud Dataflow

You can scale your business data flow to manage the business challenges. You can build the data flow pipeline as per your needs and path your required to manage your large data. The feature in gcp management of dataflow enables the processing such as ETL, analytics & real-time computing and help the business to take big decisions.

Cloud Storage

Utilize the cost-optimized, powerful and big storage on the cloud to get the end-to-end security of the business sensitive data. With the advanced features and easy access the employees can manage the data from anywhere using the credentials of the cloud which are only permitted for the business employees with protection.


Our Skillset

We work with latest technologies to build highly robust and reliable solutions.

Mobile Technologies

We can give a top-notch standard mobile application of any classification. We have worked with differing brand and associations to make ground-breaking applications from a phenomenal thought. Our primary center is to provide strategic planning and industry’s best item to contend in the market.

Web Development

Our gifted group of web engineers having the decades-long skill is fit for forming top of the line web programming, web applications and web-based interface. We have conveyed many fruitful sites for different organizations around the globe.


Our certified database administrators (DBAs) work with you through every stage of your project. Whether you are in the early stage or you’re about to undergo a major re-architecture, we help you make decisions that are crucial to the future of your applications.


Our expertise in User Experience Design (UX) has enabled us to simplify and enhance the interaction between our client’s target customers and their digital presence. Driven by our passion for compelling and usable designs, we specialize in UX and UI design for desktop and mobile applications and apps.

Digital Marketing

We are one of the leading digital marketing companies. We help you bring your business online and improve sales. We can help you take your business to next level by increasing traffic on your website and making your company a brand. Our committed group attempts to serve our customers a total scope of Digital marketing services.

Why to choose Techno Software Google Cloud Platforms?

We offers the google cloud solutions which exactly meets with the business needs to expand the business globally and to support them in this new digital age of competition.

Reliable Scalability

You data depends on the goals and we provide the scaling the business cloud objects as per your requirements.

Pay as you go

The GCP solutions, we are providing is the most cost-effective solutions offers the options of pay as you use it.

Focus on your services

Techno softwares solutions will manage everything for you. You only focus on your products and services.

Change management

You can change the management settings using the custom options of the suite to make it easy to access for you.

App Engine

The G-suite provides the options of application creation which is scalable as per the user’s demands without any hassle.

Predictive API

The machine learning algorithm of GCP will help you to predict the future outcomes using the user friendly interface.

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