How to Customize Your WordPress Theme

How to Customize Your WordPress Theme?

If you have installed a WordPress theme but it doesn’t work well for you then it will be a little bit frustrating. There are humorous options available through which you can customize your theme. The major issue is to do it in the right way. There is several WordPress development company which will provide you customization option for your WordPress theme.

In this post, we’ll stir you with different options for customization. It will help you to decide the right option for you and show you how to do it safely.


Customization Theme Options

Before we jump to make changes in our theme, we have to pay attention to different options that will suit your situation.

Functionality is important for your theme, so it is important to add a plug-in.

  • To your WordPress admin screens use a customizer that will help to provide custom WordPress development services which include fonts, layout, and color according to your theme.
  • If working on the page builder theme, then you can use the features to design your website.
  • If working with the framework theme, you can select a child theme to customize your website. All the customization options are viable on admin screens.
  • If your site is specific with your website then edit the code directly.


Is it Necessary to customize your Theme?

It is not necessary to customize the theme instead you can install a plug-in. The design of your website is predicted through the theme. It will display the content of the website and extra functionality. You can easily get all these options through WordPress development services. If your proper consideration is on the displaying content rather than functionality then you can go for installation of the plug-in.


WordPress Admin Screen to customize WordPress Theme

WordPress Admin Screen to customize WordPress Theme


The changes you require in your theme are design focused and simple then an admin screen is the best option for it. Numerous options will be provided to you by the customizer according to your theme. With WordPress web development, you can diversify according to your interest in every walk of life.


Customizer for your customizing you Theme

The most convenient method to customize your theme is to custom WordPress development services using WordPress customizer.

You can access it through:

  • After you are logged in when viewing the site, go on the customize link at top of the screen.
  • Click on Appearance>customize on the admin screens.

It will directly take with you to the customizer.

Many themes have different customization offer but the themes which are coming now have more features. Custom WordPress development offers various customizing themes that will provide you with the exact layout and design that you require.


Theme Editor

Theme editor is the option that you can get in admin screens via Appearance> Theme Editor. It will provide you with direct access to the files and you can edit it.

There are many reasons why you don’t require a theme editor.


Even if you manage writing PHP or CSS, editing directly the theme is not a good option.

  • If you made any changes in the third party theme, the changes you have made will be lost after you update the theme.
  • The most crucial point is if you make any changed that break your site, then there is no chance it can be tracked.


If you are thinking to change the code of your website then do it with the help of code editor. A WordPress web development company offers you with different editors through which you can edit your files.

It is unsafe to use the theme editor. A warning is given by WordPress Development Company before you access it.


To Customize Your WordPress Theme use Page Builders and Framework

There are customization options that are available in a wide proportion of WordPress. It states that you can do improvisation with layout and design via customizer. But there are some of the themes which are customized significantly and these themes are said to be Theme frameworks.


How to Access Page Builder to Customize your Theme?

customize theme


Page builder makes your work convenient to design your website. With the help of a custom WordPress development interface, you can get what you want. You can install page builder plug-in according to the compatibility of your theme so that you can design the website.


Theme Framework to Customize your Theme

The next alternative is the theme framework. In this, one theme is the parent theme and the next one is the child theme. The child theme can be altered according to your needs. You can customize it according to the main theme.

There are many customization options available by WordPress web development that provides you different options to customize your child theme. It also includes a drop and drag option which is similar to that of page builder.


How Editing is done for WordPress Theme Code?

If you can write PHP or CSS then you can customize your theme by editing the code. It will provide you with great control. As preferred by WordPress web development, if editing is done on your theme then you can make amendments directly. But if you are working for a third-party theme, you should first go on a child theme that will keep you secure for next time when you update the theme.


Customizing your website is not a difficult task to do. With the WordPress web Development Company, you can use the customizer to change the font, design, or layout of your website. If you want to form a new child theme then it would include customizer, plug-in, or editing the code directly.

Get the right option for you with the assistance of WordPress Web Development Company so that you can safely go for customization without breaking up your website. We require a website that comprises of easy navigation, responsive design, seamless interface for users to be ahead of the competition.