How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

It is true that we are currently living in a world of mobiles, where a major percentage of the population is using smartphones. Moreover, the ease of availability of the internet on mobile devices has made their use even more popular. In recent times, it has been observed that a major percentage of smartphone users browse the internet with the help of their own mobile devices. Thus, at this point in time, it is quite important on the part of the website design company to design the website in such a manner that it is mobile friendly in nature. Not doing so can result in losing out on a good volume of customers. This is exactly the reason as to why almost all of the business owners are opting for mobile friendly websites for their business so as to provide the users with a seamless browsing experience from their mobile devices. 

In addition to this, the business owners are also opting for a well designed and highly functional mobile application for their business so that it becomes quite easier for the users. In this regard, hiring a trusted, reputed, and reliable app development company can provide the business owners with the required solution. The mobile apps for business prove to be quite helpful in the creation of a deeper bonding with the customers since it is available at their fingertips. The optimization of the websites for mobile devices has, therefore, become mandatory in order to keep up with the number of visitors, thereby enhancing the credibility of the business to a great extent. So, as a business owner, you should be telling your web development company to focus on the optimisation of the website so that it is mobile friendly. To make it easier and convenient for the business owners, here we have listed a few of the important ways as to how to optimise their business website for mobile devices. 

Testing the Website with Mobile Friendly Tool from Google

At the time when you are planning to take action for optimising your business website for mobile devices, it would certainly be a very good idea to check how the site is already performing when it comes to mobile friendliness. Doing the same would play a crucial role in honing in on the particular areas that need to be worked on. In this regard, it would be ideal for testing the mobile friendliness of the website with the mobile friendly tool from Google. This, in turn, allows the users to get some useful information on how the improvements on the website can be made. As a business owner, you should simply access your own website through your smartphone to see how it looks like and exactly how it feels to use it. This would provide you with a realistic idea as to what effort is required to be given for making the website mobile friendly in nature. 

Make Sure to Use a Responsive Theme

Developing a website needs a lot of important factors to be considered. A good and experienced web development company specifically does that so as to come with the best possible results. WordPress is one of the most common tools used for web development owing to the immense functionality it provides. Thus, at the time when you are planning to select a WordPress theme for your website, it is essential to select a theme that is completely responsive in nature. This would make sure that your business website is appropriately optimised for mobile devices. The selection of responsive themes ensures the users have a seamless browsing experience irrespective of the device, browser, or the screen size which they are using to browse the website.

Select a Reliable Web Host

As a business owner planning to build a website or a website design company, it is to be always kept in mind that the selection of the web host for the website is one of the most vital decisions to make. A very simple thing to remember here is that the choice of a web host or plan that does not offer the resources as well as the speed, no matter how much effort you put in, the website is bound to perform poorly. The web host, in this regard, matters a lot in the determination as to how well the website would be performing. Moreover, when it comes to optimisation of the website for mobile devices, the web host is even more important. Thus, you need to make it a point to select a trusted and reliable web host that helps to keep the website running fast, which will certainly help a lot at the time when it comes to the mobile friendliness of the website. 

Loading Times Should be Improved

The loading speeds of the websites matter a lot at the time when it comes to optimising for mobile devices. In this fast paced mobile world of today, it becomes essential for website owners to improve significantly on the loading speed of the site. Now, when the site is optimised for speed, it plays a vital role in decreasing the bounce rates to a great extent, which is immensely beneficial. In addition to this, the improvement of the loading speed of the website is also helpful in providing a satisfactory user experience at the same time. Both of these are just great for the website to be appropriately optimised for mobile devices. However, the performance of the website becomes even more, a priority in this regard at the time when you are planning to optimise your business website for mobile devices. On the other hand, if you have a mobile app for your business, tell your Android app development company to take very good care of the performance of the app for the purpose of providing satisfactory experiences to the users.

Redesigning the Pop Ups for the Mobile Devices

The pop-ups usually get a lot of criticism, but still, they remain one of the most efficient as well as effective methods for attracting the attention of the users. So, it would not actually be a bad idea if the website has one or two strategically positioned pop ups that are appropriately designed to enhance the rate of conversions or the simple passing on useful information to the users. But these pop ups can create a lot of nuisance when a mobile device is used to browse the website. The mobile device is the one with less screen space. Even the medium sized pop ups can be disruptive in nature as compared to their appearance on desktop. So, to get rid of this problem and make the pop ups user friendly in nature, it is of immense importance to redesign the pop ups for the mobile devices so that they are no longer a nuisance. The web development company, in this regard, should take care that the pop ups should be as nonobstructive as possible. Moreover, the pop ups should be easy to close, and only the pop ups with useful information should be present. 

Enabling Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google has very recently launched its ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ or ‘AMP’ project with the intention of making mobile surfing a smoother experience for the users. Now, at this point in time, there are a number of websites that are using AMP to make sure that the mobile versions of the website operate smoothly and offer superior performance. To make it simpler, AMP is basically a method of creation of versions of the website that are completely mobile friendly in nature. This includes the stripping down of content and removal of unnecessary media files as well as advanced layouts. The AMP versions of the website play a crucial role in allowing the users to access the website with ease and convenience using their mobile devices. Thus, it is important on the part of the web developer of the web development company to properly understand AMP and utilize the same effectively to optimise the website for mobile devices. So, at the time when the Accelerated Mobile Pages are enabled, it provides the users with a very good browsing experience of the website using their mobile devices. 


Moreover, it is also recommended to hire a trusted app development company for the purpose of creating a user friendly and highly functional mobile app for your business for much better results. Now, at the time when you have a very clear idea about how to optimize the website for mobile devices, it would certainly be easier to proceed with the same. Moreover, if you still require some help in this regard, it would be a very good idea to seek the help of a reliable website designing company so that a completely responsive mobile friendly website can be developed for your business which in turn ensures that each of the users has a satisfactory experience of browsing the website with the help of their mobile devices.