Legacy Application Migration


The technological market demands constant Upgradatation of old systems and application to the newest and latest technologies which also allows in cost cutting and better cost effective measures. Following this trend, application migration is an appropriate means that is quick and fast way to modernize applications supported with latest designs and features. Application migration retains the functionality and originality of existing legacy system at the same time.
The Application Migration Services delivered by Techno Softwares involves enhancement of the current applications to a newer version with new technologies. Our application modernization and migration services deliver extended flexibility to your enterprise by upgrading and migrating your legacy systems to help you increase business profits, customer response and efficiently lower costs. Our team works with set of methods and understands your business needs to bring out reliable results. Our approach is to transform old applications into optimal and better versions of themselves.


Services we offer

We make your legacy applications work better by either integrating your legacy systems with new technologies or by porting applications to a more stable platform.


Application Upgrade

We work on Upgrading the OS/ language/ Database/ IDE applications versions and, everything within the existing operating environment without the hassle.


Migration Assessment

We work by Assessing and defining your migration strategy to give out maximum profits.


Technology Migration

We work on migrating the old Operating System/ Language/ Database/ GUI to the latest version of Technologies.


Application Re-Engineering

We offer web enabling, re-architecture and redevelopment, post implementation and maintenance support.


Application Porting

Our team effectively transfers your previously used and outdated applications to new operating systems or database.


Application support

Techno softwares always keeps a check on application updating and maintenance of it in all forms.

Reasons to be our partner for legacy migration services

We provide the perfection solution for smooth migration all the way from planning and installing to migration and support.

  • We provide unparalleled cost advantage without quality compromisation
  • We offer you with solutions that are more dependable and strong as compared to legacy applications.
  • Our team offers customized, enterprise-quality applications using advanced application technology.
  • We help organizations with migration of their legacy applications to the cloud for better usage.
  • Our professionals offer various solutions such as testing, maintenance and quality control of Legacy System Modernization and Migration.
  • We believe in always giving out quicker and more efficient decision making for further efficient business processes.


To find out more about our legacy application modernization services, please contact us today. You can also send us your project specifications at info@techno.com

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