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Techno Softwares serves the flexible staff augmentation services to manage the staffing using automated solutions. It is the solutions to the management of the dynamic requirements of the people and when your business needs the skilled people for your project from the limited time of period. Staff Augmentation services are become the core extension of your IT Business and manage the dynamic people details using the solutions which are more focused on its tasks.

We deliver the effective, quality and speed in our solutions to manage the skilled short term hired employees. We have a dedicated team which creates long-term staffing strategies and committed to acquiring the highly skilled staff in multiple areas to fulfill the organization needs. We find the deep pool of talent for you to make sure that your work will be completed by the experts and you will not face any issues during the tasks processing.

Techno Softwares offers the best staff augmentation service partner for all niche of organizations. We are the leading IT giants across the globe to provide the businesses significant growth in terms of Revenues, Profitability, Human Resources and infrastructures.


Professional & managerial Talent

We will help you find the candidates which meet with your needs. We have an extensive database of candidates to help you to find one on time and cost-effective manner.


Short-term & long-term engagement

We deliver the solutions to provide the organizations their talent for short-term projects and also we provide the modules of the permanent employee's requirement to expand their team.


Easy of Access

We give to the opportunity to deal with the experienced and talented account managers, who know how to find the right candidate as per your needs of the talent and skill your finding to complete your projects.


Guarantee Compliance

We have a mature team and the large database of candidates to find the screened and dedicated employee for your work. We verify the candidate work experience and talent before choosing for you.

Objectives of Staff Augmentation Solutions

IT Staff Augmentation solutions are for the companies who want the short-term engagement from the candidate to complete their short projects which are for limited time period. Also it is helpful for the organization who want to scale up their team on the time and the requirement of, as they are growing.

  • Speed-up your short-term projects by hiring the pool of talent for  a short period of time.
  • Minimize the risk of investment using the well-managed solution of hiring .
  • Get the perfect talent whose skills and experience meet with your requirement of the project.
  • Easy to manage panel will help you the schedule the candidate requirements.
  • Set your specific budget of hiring to ensures that you will get the skilled staff in the budget.
  • Get the successful outcomes of your projects by hiring the talent which is perfect for the work.

Techno Softwares Delivers the technologies for fast progress

We are serving the technologies which works best for the businesses even you have the large enterprise or a new venture, we have the solutions for everyone.

We work upon staffing solutions in several steps that meets with the Clientele and also we ensures about the Accelerated, Qualitative And Specific Staff Recruitment process

Staff augmentation provides the time saving, cost-optimized, contracted staff members for competing the limited time projects. And also the solution offers permanent recruitment services with the large IT professional database to get the best staff for your business.

Steps we follow to recruit the staff:

  • Step 1

    Job Description and length of jobs on the starting date

  • Step 2

    Assign the candidate requirement to the respective recruiters

  • Step 3

    Team of recruiters examine the candidate profiles which matches with the needs

  • Step 4

    Shortlisted the candidates who meet with the client’s requirements

  • Step 5

    Takes client approval to processing further selection rounds

  • Step 6

    Candidate Interview & complete selection process

  • Step 7

    Release the offer letters for the selected candidates from the clients

  • Step 8

    Introduce the selected candidates to the work platforms

Techno Softwares Staff Augmentation services provide what exactly the needs of businesses and help them to complete their projects on time. We have the big database of IT support candidates to hire the candidates as per their skill and talent.

Complete your business project using our Staff Augmentation services and achieves the business goals fast.

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