Top 5 Mobile Application Trends that are Going to Rule in the Coming Years

With passing time, technology is also developing. People are nowadays more glued to their smartphones. It has now become a daily chore of their life. Businesses and brands are looking forward to standing out from the crowd and build more profit. This is possible again with the commencement of the mobile application market. People these days are looking for opportunities where they will be able to make the most out of their online presence. In order to enhance its branding strategy, the mobile app plays a huge role in gaining the trust and bonding of their targeted audience. 

Online presence has marked the ideology of making the right choice without any loopholes. Right from shopping to taking up any services, challenging decisions are made easy. But in the era of developing new technologies, one has to be updated with the ongoing trends and techniques to become a tough competitor. 

In the present day, social media platforms, mobile wallets, third party apps have been taking the digital market to a new success peak. Both Android and Apple users have their respective applications to browse through the online world. People are looking forward to starting their business application to meet their budget as well as gain more profitability. The desire to stay ahead of the competition is applicable to the incorporation of something out of the box. 

There are ample mobile applications that have been a hit in the digital world. But how? In the modern-day scenario, successful applications are implementing modern trends and technologies for the development and enhancing the functioning of their application. 

Thus, we have curated some of the best and leading mobile application trends that are going to rule in the upcoming years.


1. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Who is not familiar with Virtual reality these days? Most of us are! The games that you are so keen to play have been successful with the incorporation of AR or VR. Virtual reality plays a huge role in the future of mobile application trends. If you are looking for a suitable example, let’s focus on Pokemon Go or PUBG!

However, the growth of technology is just not restricted to the gaming platform, and rather it is spreading to the other sectors. Curious? Well, famous brands like Apple and Google have ventured into launching AR demos for their respective range of gadgets. With the involvement of these technologies, online platforms are going to garner a huge scope of gaining potential consumers through AR/VR applications. 

In the coming years, you will be able to see the implementation of AR/VR technology in various domains, including retail, real estate, healthcare. The same could be seen in our daily social media platforms like Instagram. How do you find funny human digital characters? AR/VR is the answer for you. 


2. Beacon Technology 

It is estimated that 2020 is going to be the year of Beacon Technology. Though it is new in the market, gaining success is highly admired. The use of this technology is not just restricted to different domains but also has paved its step into the development of mobile applications

Beacon technology is working as a catalyst for businesses to associate with their potential consumers in an enhanced contextual manner. The report stated that by 2020, the range of Beacon deployments would reach 400 million globally. The audience has been appreciating the use of this technology for acquiring impeccable goods. 

Recently, Beacon Technology has collaborated with IoT for the generation of more sales in the field of the retail market. The aim is to spread core information in the form of offers, deals and promos to its users. Beacon technology has become more holistic with enhanced technologies in the association. This includes Automated Machine Learning, Mobile Payments, AI-enabled chips, and so on. 

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3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Speaking of mobile app trends, AI and Machine learning have been dominating the industry. You will be able to see the functionality of AI in different forms in the online industry. Let’s take into consideration the best examples to make you understand. FaceApp is one such application that rose to fame within the countable period. And why? The use of AI has implemented features like changing filters, looking older or younger, and so on. Apple and Android have their virtual assistant in the form of Siri and Bixby, respectively. 

The formulation of AI and Machine Learning is well presented in these online formats. 2019 has seen the growth and development of chatbots on various platforms. Brands like Swiggy, Zomato, Sephora, and others have their Chatbots were meeting customer queries has become easier. The formulation of these technologies has made recognition in the growth of profitability and savings in various ways. 

Speaking of the same, the future of mobile trends will see loads of AI and Machine learning functionality. This includes Interoperability, AI-automated DevOps Ai-enabled chips, and so on.


4. Internet Of Things

Global brands like Amazon and Google have fully utilized the Internet of Things. But what is this technology? Well, it is mainly a series of networks that are interconnected with smart gadgets. 

There are many brands which have paved the venture in collaboration with IoT, including Xiaomi, Samsung, Bosch, and others. Google has smartly used IoT in its wide range of products namely, Echo, Google Home Voice Controller as well as Fitbit. 

Recently, IoT has transformed the functioning of the global IT industry. In the coming years, IoT alone will help in the generation of nearly $1.335 trillion in revenue. You will be able to visualize the implementation of such emerging technology in different domains for impeccable privacy and security. It is mainly an initiative to be smarter tomorrow. 


5. Online Payment Services

With the evolution in gadgets and smartphones, there are so many things that have become easier in our daily lives. Even transferring money with a safe and secure option has come to display. Different online payment services have developed their mobile application for the safe and secure option of online transfers and payments. 

This has made a huge transformation in different businesses and industries. Wondering how? There are many online payment apps like PhonePe, GooglePay, Mobikwik, Apple Pay, BHIM, and so on. Transferring money from one person to the other becomes easier within seconds. You will not have the feature of any security breach. Not only this, many businesses and e-commerce industries have collaborated with such platforms to garner more sales and profit. 

These secure online wallets serve with many offers and promos that help in fetching more downloads as well as be strong in the competition. With the commencement of mobile wallets, even if you go cashless to a good place, you will no longer have to worry anymore. According to valid sources, transactions through mobile wallets reached $4296 billion in 2018. By 2020, the value may rise to $13,979 billion.

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Final Words – There are different mobile trends which are making its way in the digital market. As per the business domain, people are making use of the apt technology to become one of the tough competition. With every passing day, you will find there is the growth of new technology that serves well-being for both the businesses as well as the audience. There is a demand for Instant applications, On-Demand applications, high rise in wearables and functionality, and so much more.