Xamarin Mobile App Development

Xamarin Mobile App Development

The need for mobile Apps as businesses and technology solutions has been well established. Mobile App development conventionally has been carried out on three platforms —Android, iOS and Windows. The challenge that exists is that building the same App on different platforms for different purposes is not economically feasible and will always result in operational difficulties. Here is where lies the benefit in using cross-platform mobile App development frameworks.

‘Xamarin’ has emerged as the top cross-platform App development framework. It uses a single language, C#, to create Apps for all mobile platforms. Thus, Xamarin cross-platform Apps look 100% native on any device, providing better user experience, as compared to generic hybrid Apps. The platform has two major products: Xamarin.i0S and Xamarin.Android. With the help of Xamarin, building mobile applications can be as easy as opening the IDE, throwing something together, doing a quick bit of testing, and submitting to an App Store – all done in an afternoon.

xamarin app development

Xamarin builds native & Cross-platform apps to carve out your business needs.

Automatic testing

Immediate automatic testing on apps is possible with Xamarin Test Cloud.


Xamarin apps stays up-to-dated with latest Android and ios features.

Wearable technology

Android Supports wearable technology like Google Glass.

Reduced costs

As it develops Cross-Platform compatible Apps

Build Better Apps with Xamarin

Xamarin is the best alternative for startups and enterprises to develop apps for multiple platforms with
cost effectiveness.

xamarin app development

Support for new APIs

Be up-to-date with the latest APIs from Apple and Google.

Connect with existing libraries

Connect with more than 20,000 NuGet .NET libraries plus the Xamarin components itself.

Use your favorite IDE

Xamarin Studio on Mac or Windows, or Visual Studio.

iOS and Android apps

Beautiful User Interfaces can be designed, by using the iOS and Android designers.

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