CodeIgniter: the powerful framework for you

With the entanglement of technology in every nook and corner of the world you will need the most agile and trusted framework for your websites and that’s where CodeIgniter comes to work. CodeIgniter is a proven open-source PHP web development framework that allows the developer to create dynamic gen-next apps. With this web application framework, one can be sure that they are able to develop projects faster and in a better way.
The framework is well documented, and there are good books, tutorials and answered forum questions on CodeIgniter. This means whatever challenge that you have, chances are someone has already encountered the problem, solved it and the solution is out there for you.
Being an exceptional PHP framework, CodeIgniter practices the idea of MVC (Model-View-Controller) Architecture and being an MVC, CodeIgniter provides a collaborative environment for both designers and developers. The framework comes with a predefined rich set of libraries to help developers call for specific services without writing code from scratch. And that’s what we call as technologically-advanced.

The image shows how codeIgniter works

Rich features of CodeIgniter framework

  • Advance features:

    Gives you excellent additional functions to make a captivating and creative site.

  • Highly scalable:

    Works well with application adaptation, architecture and development.

  • Compatible:

    Has a Wide range of compatibility with a variety of PHP versions and configurations.

  • MVC architecture:

    It Follows MVC patterns and protocols with ease.

  • Clear documentation:

    Easy to follow documentation in a systemic manner.

  • Highly secure:

    Never worry about the security as it comes with built-in protection against CSRF and XSS attacks.

  • Exceptional performance:

    Delivers you highly efficient and outstanding performance.

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