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The Ultimate Guide for Hiring WordPress Developers

WordPress was released in May 2003, and by Apr 2019 and Now 33% of the total websites in the world is on WordPress and Just because of its flexibility, ease of use, and strong plugin structure, WordPress has been the go-to CMS for a massive number of businesses and bloggers.

WordPress is the most preferred option for the bloggers, service providers and even for the eCommerce solutions. You can set your business level as per your needs. If you are launching a new website and want to grow your enterprise then WordPress has several choices for you.

And while WordPress was developed with user-friendliness in mind, unlocking its true potential requires experienced developers who know the Pros & Cons of this platform. Fortunately, there is absolutely no lack of highly dedicated WordPress developers who are ready to unleash their talent on your company’s website–but searching the proper fit for your organization –and getting them onboard–may be an exceptional challenge for any business owner or hiring supervisor. In this Guide, We will share with you 12 tips that will help you hiring a WordPress developer.


When it makes sense to seek the services of a WordPress developer (or not!)

Let’s get one thing out of the manner – it is very feasible to develop a functional WordPress website yourself.

However, a lot of peoples still seek the services of a WordPress developer to do the job, also this is a way well worth Considering.

Let’s discuss some of the Advantages and Disadvantages that will help you decide if choosing a WordPress developer is truly the very best solution to suit your needs.


Pros & Cons of wordpress Developers


👍 Pros of hiring a WordPress developer


    1.    Technical Support

If you don’t have so much technical knowledge and don’t know much about the functioning of WordPress then hiring a WP developer will be the most suitable choice. He/She will give you assistance related to your website and also you may ask him/her to teach or direct you for the maintenance of the site.

   2.   Solve all Issues related to WordPress

An Experienced WordPress developer is very well known of the things that are required to keep the website functioning well. From development period to website’s theme management and code customization, a programmer manages most of the task about the site. Furthermore, you can ask him to create a design which can attract your intended audience and increase your ROI.

    3. 100% Customization

If you have a wordpress programmer working for you then it becomes very easy for you to do changes in the site the way you want. One of the important part of customization is choosing plugins for your site which are beneficial for your business. You can also subsequently customise the designing and coding parts whenever required.

   4.  More Understanding of Users

A Skilled WordPress developer would know very well that what a user want from your website. he/she can end up being somewhat useful as the implementations will be made assessing the requirements of both you and those users.

   5.  Less Time Consuming and High Quality Work

A WordPress developer will surely keep up an excellent grade of work. This will lead to your site being user-friendly and highly effective.  Even a WordPress developer would surely take lesser time in finishing the work than anyone who doesn’t have any knowledge of WordPress development.

  6.  Flexibility in Hiring

You can hire developers for an hourly rates, monthly or on a salary basis which will give you the flexibility, as you really don’t need to recruit a full time employee to get this particular job.

   7.  Knowledge of Several Languages

A wordpress developer knows a lot of programming languages that help in developing a multi-functional website with some special features. Using languages while building a website like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, etc. will enhance the entire layout and functioning of this website. So it is good to hire a WordPress developer who can easily do it for you.

   8.  Quality Content and SEO-friendly Website

100% plagiarism free and Quality content is vital for a website. A developer very well knows with the importance of these content and also knows the particular articles which should be present on the website. Having Quality content is not sufficient, Search Engine Optimization is equally essential. SEO helps your website rank on the first page of search engines like Google so that your site can reach up to larger audience and provide you lot of results.  A skilled WordPress developer can implement complete SEO functionalities for you in the website and also can make your website SEO-friendly.

   9. Web Analytics

Web analytics assist you to analyze all the data associated with your website. A developer understands the area where you need to concentrate on and also helps you improve the overall performance. Which results in enhanced profit for the business.

   10.  Data Confidentiality and Security

Your site’s data is crucial and It should not go into wrong hands. There is a guarantee of data confidentiality if you hire a developer. The developers will always ensure that your site’s data will always remain safe. Also If you hire a wordpress developer from Techno Softwares. It would provide you a dedicated server which is a secure place for your website’s data


👎 Cons of hiring a WordPress developer


     1.)  Hiring a developer can be an expensive according to your needs.

Hiring a web developer can be really costly for your web project. You have to consider that for every web development project, there needs to be a certain budget allocated. But developers with expertise and experience can incur expenses. So, you need to consider whether you actually want to spend more and opt for a bespoke design or settle for a template and pay less.


   2.)  You’ll become more depended on the developer for managing and maintaining your website.

The website will need continuous maintenance and regular updates. How can you manage without the expertise of a developer? But involving your professional developer in a website maintenance project also means you cannot troubleshoot on the site, on your own. A developer can easily take advantage of complicated programming required for debugging and troubleshooting. This can be a real problem for website owner looking to gain more control on their own website.


  3.)  If you make a bad hiring decision, your result will be inferior.

All developers are not equal. Some are better than others. For gaining value for money, focus on research and analyze which developer meets your needs best. However, even if you do the groundwork, there will be an issue if the hiring decision is not substantiated. A bad choice can have bad results for your website.


  4.)  You don’t need a developer If you want to develop a simple site.

If your web development needs are simple, why do you need a developer to build it? Opt for a DIY template or an easy theme on your own, instead of hiring a developer. A simple site is easy to maintain and does not require excessive functionalities or features. As such, templates make it easy for website owners to get the perfect site, without the requisite coding knowledge and programming experience that are essential for complex sites.


What is Good for you ?

While each one the above-mentioned factors are vital,  the 2 which matter most are budget and complexity. If there isn’t lots of resources, and likewise you do not need any custom functionality, think about doing it yourself.

On the other hand, Those which requires budget who want a website customized to their particular needs might benefit by hiring a developer.


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Here are 12 tips that you need to do while hiring a WordPress Developers


Hiring WordPress developer


WordPress’ s ubiquity as a site stage and as a range of abilities among developers can be a two-fold edged sword for business like you. From one perspective, it’s simpler than ever to discover skilled developers that know their way round the system.However, from other perspective, sifting through each of those applicants may be time-consuming and counter-productive–particularly once you will need to fill a situation straight away. Do not spend time for comparing developers who are not the ideal match for your team.

To start with, ensure you’re offering the proper compensation, perks, and career paths for your technician employees—including your developers. At that point, follow the following ways to shorten the hiring process and increase your Odds of getting the Perfect match for your position:


1.) Company or Freelancer?


Wordpress Freelancer vs WordPress Development Company


At the very first point when hiring a WordPress Programmer, you’ll come face to face with the strangest question: hiring a freelance WordPress Developer or hiring a dedicated wordpress developer from a wordpress development company?

The Solution Is Dependent upon many factors:

Cost: Freelancers typically cost less than company services

Risk: Companies tend to be far better in migrating risk than Freelancers

The range of job: In case you are running a huge organization or want to create an interactive website, a company may be the best option.

Value: Which option will be going to provide you the most effective long-term, residual price?


The previous two can possibly be a company or a freelancer based upon the contractors you’ve got use of, and also the professional services they provide.


2: Consider Your Requirements


Even if you are not personally developing your site, still you need clarity about the needs of the site before hiring WordPress developers. Be circumspect about the exact information you provide them, because it will determine end results.

You don’t need to plan site layouts but you will definitely look to understanding if the content makes sense or the purpose of the site is met. For example, consider these of the following needs:

  • What is the site’s goal: Is it to share information? Or perhaps you want to build sales or enrich the community?
  • The type of pages it should contain or the volume of data it should cover.
  • Specific functionalities or features your site needs like calendars, orders or booking forms, media integration or even online retail capabilities for a virtual storefront.

Because once the developer is selected, you need to communicate this data to them. This will offer an idea about the project’s costing requirements. You need to be aware about communicating these requirements as the first piece of information you will share. That way, you can be clear about being on the same page as your developer, regarding your site’s development.


3: Be Cognisant of Costs Incurred


As indicated earlier, we found building a customized, bespoke website can be really expensive. Sites built using WordPress don’t incur the same costs. Still, you should have clarity about the costs that you need to cover:

The payment involved will depend on the following factors:

  • Project Scope: The number of pages, the complexity of data — it all determines cost issues. Many developers charge in an hour as per the site’s complexity. So you need to consider the potential cost involved based on how big the site is.
  • The Complexity of Needs and Specifications: Customization and features with advanced functionalities command higher costs. Modest requirements, like basic blogs, company sites or small digital storefronts cost way lower than that.
  • The Developer’s Expertise: There are a wide range of developers in terms of talent and expertise, as well as budget. Charges can range anywhere from USD 5 to 100 for a single hour. Finding a balance is essential for identifying competent and reliable hires.


Eventually, A Custom WordPress website can Charge among That a few hundred Bucks and $5,000 (or Even more). But the above Several guidelines should provide you an idea of where your work will probably fall on that scale.


4: Understand What Qualities Potential Hires Should Emulate?


Qualities in a WordPress Developer


 If you seek to hire a WP developer, you need to have an idea about what to look for. Your ideal candidate can be hard to find, if you may have less technical expertise, to begin with. However, still you can make an ideal choice based on these factors:

  • Money Charged: Be aware that those on the low end of the scale, charging anywhere from USD 5 to 15 per hour can be inexperienced.
  • Reviews, Testimonials, References: See if you can get in touch with a previous employee or client and understand what their experience working with the developer was like.
  • Experience With WP: More generous developers may lack expertise in key skills and languages. Check if the developer has the expertise to manage WordPress.
  • Tools Used: Certain developers opt for custom WordPress themes, while others use page builder plugins. But the question is: What do you want? Be clear about what kind of tools and templates are used because it will impact future decisions and the efficacy of your site.


Finally, and most critically, reach out and have a conversation with skilled candidates before making a decision. Be clear about what you are looking for and communicate this understanding to them.

So, this should let you know certain things, like how well a developer communicates, how clearly he/she understands your needs and how quick the response time it. Get a sense of whether they are easy to work with or not. Given that a WordPress site costs between USD 5000 and a couple of hundred dollars, there’s a wide turf out there. Make the right choice and you’ll make the right decision. Be guided by these suggestions above.




Experience WordPress Developer's


Search for somebody that has experience in providing servicing customers just like you. There might be industry or company size limitations you would like to placed up a WordPress programmer.

Think of those ideas that are crucial to your enterprise. Then retain a programmer who are able to act in it.


6.) Check Portfolios –and request feedback from peoples in the know


Wordpress developer's Portfolio


A programmer’s portfolio is their calling card and each great programmer should have one along with a strong online presence. When selecting candidates, it’s important to not just Check their private portfolio website, but in addition online repositories such as GitHub (https://github.com) also. In case, if you’re new to the complexities of coding for WordPress, loop in some other developers and coders to see if the applicant is worth inviting for an interview.


7.) Ensure Candidates know the Scope of the Position.


There’s a huge difference between a position that involves minor upgrades and support tasks to get a WordPress site and also a position that includes building WordPress-based sites starting from the earliest stage. Make sure that the scope of the position is clear in the job posting, and stick to applicants whose job experience and talent level are a fantastic match with what you want.


8.)  Ascertain whether the position has to be in-house or whether it could be distant.


In house or Distant WordPress Developers


Decide if the position must be in-house or on the off chance that it very well may be remote.

Many Companies prefer to hire wordpress developers who will work in-house, while others are open for hiring distant work. Both have their upsides and downsides. Selecting for an in-house position can limit your search procedure and make for simpler communication with your programmer, however, your ability pool may be more restricted. Hiring regionally or nationwide increases your choices, however but it might lengthen the research process and makes more communication issues.


9.)   Request referrals from current team members and other members in your Industry.


Wordpress Developers Talking


Due to the importance that WordPress offers organizations, Many business owners and team leaders aren’t fast to forgot skilled developers, regardless of whether they were salaried workers or contract workers. Another organization’s misfortune might be your profit if a developer recently took his or her skills to the available marketplace, so make sure you ask about to get a lead on the best talent in your area.


10.) Do proper research from your side


Wordpress developers Researching


When It has to do research, start Looking for things such as:

  • Existing Trends in Website design and development
  • Evergreen, classic Trends
  • Design and Style elements that you adore
  • Value-added Services That You’d Prefer the most suitable programmer to get

Doing just a bit of research may go quite a ways when hiring somebody to develop your website.


11. ASK Questions


Interview of WordPress Developer


As soon as you’ve got the Research completes, it is the right time to ask a few questions. Business owners have to be expect to interview numerous developers for selecting the best fit for them

Throughout the Meeting Procedure, You should ask about:

  • A recent portfolio of Work
  • What value-added services can they provide?
  • How the programmer remains up to date on the latest trends.
  • When was the Previous time they had given the services to a client of your size/industry

There are additional more questions that will arise when you will do research, therefore reevaluate what’s important to you.


12.) Remember to Notice Personality, Attitude & Work Ethic


You’ve recently discovered the ideal WordPress programmer—he/she has a comprehensive resume, an excellent portfolio, and along with glowing reviews from prior employers and customers. However, is he/she the perfect fit for your team and your civilization? Abilities and experience are very important, but so is a like-minded strategy which will enable a new hire fit in with the remainder of your team. In case you’re deciding between some candidates with comparable backgrounds, pick the one that will work best with your other employees.


Besides these tips, some businesses also prefer to observe that how applicants work under stress by delegating them little jobs and timed coding”challenges” during the interview procedure. This may be helpful when narrowing your listing of candidates, especially if your team regularly works on tight deadlines. Selecting a WordPress developer might appear to be a complicated process fraught with drawbacks, but if you do your homework–and have an IT staffing firm, for example, Techno Softwares Staffing on your own side–you’ll have a rock star onboard very quickly.


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